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Why Spirit-Led Living In An Upside-Down World?

  • Relevance: The material directly addresses the questions and challenges faced by your congregation in our world’s current circumstances, making it a valuable resource for nurturing faith in today’s world.
  • Unity: As your church continues to grow, Spirit-Led Living In An Upside-Down World can serve as a unifying tool, bringing diverse members together in their shared journey of spiritual growth.
  • Easy to Use: The book’s user-friendly format and discussion-focused approach make it accessible for both seasoned Bible study participants and newcomers.
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In-Depth Exploration: Spirit-Led Living In An Upside-Down World delves into the timeless truths of the Bible, guiding readers through passages, stories, and themes that resonate with the challenges and opportunities of our modern lives.

Applicable Lessons: The book bridges the gap between biblical teachings and practical application for daily Christian living, helping study groups connect ancient wisdom found in the Scriptures for everyday life.

Flexible Structure: Whether your groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, the adaptable structure of the book allows for various study paces. The chapters and videos can be explored in-depth over multiple sessions or serve as standalone lessons.

Key Features:

  • 4-week study featuring topics such as:
    • Receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit 
    • Overcoming sin through the Holy Spirit 
    • The Holy Spirit’s power to bring deliverance 
    • How the Holy Spirit can lead us through end times perils
  • 6-week study with two additional weeks featuring:
    • Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit 
    • Seeing the fruit of the Spirit grow in your life 
  • 8-week study sessions which will also include two weeks on:
    • Allowing God to use you for His glory 
    • Seeing victory produced by the Holy Spirit in your life

I will also support each week with digital content featuring chapter videos that break down these specific topics.